Sunday, April 27, 2008

Run, run, run

Hello, hello.

A rather busy week with new clients starting courses at work and some also finishing, which means writing up reports. The office is being re-painted and renovated, so it's all a bit chaotic, but everyone seems to be coping well, no doubt cheered by the fact that Golden Week is just around the corner!

I've upped my running this past week, going out for about 5km 6 days out of 7, which has resulted in feeling very energised, albeit with a huge blister on my small toe! What prompted me to do this was a study I read about which took place in Scotland, showing the positive effects of listening to music whilst exercising. The researchers found, on average, runners could improve their performance by 10 - 15% if they were plugged into their ipods and listening to some up tempo tunes. So, I gave it a go, and I must say it has really helped. Especially toward the end of the run when things begin to ache a little bit, a blast from Simian Mobile Disco will give me the extra boost to keep on going. All this seems pretty logical to me. I mean, music has that power to motivate and move us, and humans have always had some sort of music, be it a drum beat or an electro mash-up, and now science finally "proves" it.


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